Runes are items equippable in the 'shirt' slot that give special bonuses but can only be equipped if you are wearing the elemental cape that corresponds to that rune type. E.g. Fighter type runes require the Cloak of Demecus, Cleric type runes require the Cloak of Vanitus, etc...

Basic set runes can be purchased from armour vendors, but special ones have to be earned, crafted or found in the world.

All available set runes are listed below. The headings (e.g. fighter, mage, etc) indicate which cape is required for the runes listed beneath it.

Runes are designed to be small effects with huge impacts They are intended to open up whole new build possibilities, change the way you play, and add an extra level of customization to your character.


Guardian's Rune of Demecus:

Every 3 seconds you regenerate 5% of your max health. When you use Charge, yourself and nearby allies gain 33% attack speed for 10 seconds.

Berserker's Rune of Demecus:

When you use Blood Strike, there is a 20% chance for you to become enraged, increasing your attack power by 146 for 10 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. Additionally, Blood Strike will now apply ‘Rupture’ to your target, dealing 195 damage over 8 seconds.

Brute's Rune of Demecus:

When you cast a spell on a target with less than 50% HP, you will ignore all armour for 10 seconds.

Plague Knight's Rune of Demecus:

When in combat, you regain 5% of your max HP every 3 seconds. When this effect occurs, you have a chance to inflict a disease on nearby enemies.

Commander's Rune of Demecus:
You and nearby allies gain 20% attack speed at all times.


Wizard's Rune of Krassius

When you cast a spell, 50% of its cost is returned to you after 5 seconds as mana.

Sorcerer's Rune of Krassius

Every minute, a rune of power will appear beneath your feet, increasing the damage dealt by all units within by 50%. Rune lasts 1 minute.

Felspeaker's Rune of Krassius

Your mana regeneration increases by 0.5% for every 1% health you are missing. Casting Shadow Bolt on a target deals 5% of your health to you as damage and applies a random curse to all units within 20 yards of your target that are in combat.

Lifeweaver's Rune of Krassius

When you cast a spell, nearby allies including yourself are healed for 25% of its cost.

Manabomber's Rune of Krassius

When you cast a spell, 50% of its cost is dealt (as Arcane damage) to your target.

Necromancer's Rune of Krassius

When you kill an enemy, a ghoul will be summoned from its corpse. The ghoul will have 50% of your max HP, and will follow you upon spawning. 5 seconds after spawning the ghoul will explode, dealing 25% of ITS OWN max HP to nearby enemies, and killing it.


Assassin's Rune of Jobesh (leather melee damage)

When you cast a spell, there is a 20% chance for a Shadowy Clone to appear, casting a copy of the spell on the same target.

Ranger's Rune of Jobesh (leather ranged damage + speed)

Killing a unit instantly finishes the cooldown on Rapid Fire and grants you and nearby allies increased movement speed for a short period. Steady Shot has a 10% chance to instantly finish the cooldown on Rapid Fire.

Reaper's Rune of Jobesh

When you use Blood Strike on an enemy, 10% of your max health will be taken, and dealt as damage to the target. Your auto attacks heal you for 50% of the damage dealt.


    Restorer's Rune of Vanitus(cloth healing)

    When you cast a spell, nearby allies are healed for 175 HP over 15sec.

    Crusader's Rune of Vanitus(cloth support damage/tanking)

    Every minute, you gain a barrier that absorbs all damage for 3 seconds. Additionally, you gain 30% of all mana/energy you spend back as health instantly.

    Occultist's Rune of Vanitus

    When you kill a unit, a shadow orb will appear at your enemy's corpse, healing nearby allies after a delay and granting them a lifesteal buff for 30 seconds.

    When you kill a unit, its life essence will be formed into an orb which will then follow you. You can have a maximum of 5 at a time. You can speak the words “Rhok Sharan” in chat to detonate the orbs. If the orbs are corrupted, nearby enemies will take damage over time for each orb. If the orbs are pure, nearby allies will be healed for 175 HP over 15 seconds for each orb. You can speak the words “Jan Sharan” to toggle your orbs between pure and corrupted.