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Wood Elf

The wood elves follow a leadership system they developed by observing the lions of their homeland. Their leader is a designated 'Lioness' - a regal position similar to a queen, only to be filled by a female. The lioness is elected to power through informal debates where her supporters will praise her in large council type meetings. Usually there are around 5 or 6 parties representing their respective potential lionesses. The Lioness herself is prohibited from actually campaigning.
Three of the council type meetings are held, and at the end of each, supporters are invited to change party to reflect their changed view (if the view has changed). Only one person is allowed to speak at a time during these meetings, but this rule is rarely respected. In the final meeting things are known to get violent. 

In their homeland, the Elfwoods, the wood elves discovered three large purple crystals. When in the presence of one of these crystals, a soft, smooth melody was audible, as if an orchestra and a harpist were performing before you. The singing crystals were placed in a temple deep in the Elfwoods. When she needed council, the Lioness would meditate among the crystals, and they would speak words of advice into her very mind.

The ancient Wood Elves of Lyrendor are an abundant but reclusive race of Elf. Historically, they hailed from Angerohn, the lands in the North. They remained there even when the dwarves abandoned their very homeland, giving everything to retain their claim over rhe 'Elfwoods'. When the undead came, the elves dropped like flies. With every death, they had a new enemy, and the cycle never stopped. After years of clashing, the elves finally managed to push the dead back far enough to live peacefully in Angerohn once more. In the interest of true peace, a large group of elves set sail for Lyrendor, with their Lioness of the time. Most of the elves stayed behind however, to stand guard over the Elfwoods and the Singing Crystals.

Racial Abilities
Veil of the Forest
When sitting or sleeping, Wood Elves will turn invisible.

Ancient Grace
Increases passive movement speed by 25%.

Nature's Bounty
Killing an enemy near a tree has a chance to give you an Enchanted Leaf. 100% chance for enemy players.
Enchanted Leaves can be turned in for money or special rewards such as mounts.