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Khazrim Minotaur

Origin and Story
The Minotaur of Khazrim are a hardened race of nomadic warlords who reside in the Province of Khazrim in 
Ahnet. Vast stone structures and villages of tanned-hide tents make up the residences of these minotaur. 
They have been in constant battle with the Skrethi Empire, an organized race of intelligent arachnids that live 
beneath the sands of Ahnet. When the Dark Elves were still in Ahnet, the Khazi resigned to secluded areas 
around Khazrim and Stygia, as the Dark Elves' grip on the continent was too strong to be trifled with. When 
the Elves sailed to Lyrendor however, the minotaur (along with the Stygian people) took it as an opportunity 
to expand outward and establish their reign over Ahnet. Ambassadors from both Stygia and Khazrim met 
between the two provinces to discuss the alliance. The demons that the Dark Elves had left behind, along 
with the lingering threat of the Skrethi Empire, were major barriers to the expansion of both races. 
So, they formed their truce, and together they vowed to banish all the demons from their land.  

Slaver's Wall and the Skrethi War
When the Khazi people had enslaved a large portion of the Stygian population, they decided to force them
to construct a huge wall around the inner part of Khazrim. The Stygian slaves worked day and night setting
clay bricks and laying them on the enormous wall. Within a year, the Slaver's Wall was erected, protecting
Free Point and the other Khazi settlements from the constant assault of the Skrethi Empire. The Khazi simply
stopped going to the other side of the wall, which allowed the Skrethi to expand over the vast deserts,
completely unchallenged. Soon enough, the Skrethi Empire filled all of Khazrim excluding the small area that
had been walled off. When the Khazi set their slaves free, there was nobody to maintain the wall, and it quickly
became dilapidated. The Skrethi saw this as an opportunity to strike. Huge scarab creatures referred to as
'Wallbreakers' were sent to the wall, relentlessly smashing it with their enormous claws. On top of this,
Skrethi Bombwasps were sent by the hundreds over the wall, exploding on groups of Khazi, instantly killing
them. The Khazi wall watchers had to perfect their aim so that they could spear the wasps before they
exploded. To this day, the assault continues, and the Khazi people are beginning to realise that in order to
save their homeland they must venture into the deserts now known as Slaver's Wastes, and launch a
counter-attack on the Skrethi. 

Slavery has always been a part of the Khazi culture. For as long as they have been an organized race, they have
been trading slaves. Before the formation of their brief alliance, the Khazrim Minotaur often captured stygian
people and sold them off as slaves. Today, however, the Khazi have chosen a different path. Slavery is no
longer acceptable in their community. This decision ignited triggered Warlord Bahar to start a rebellion, 
igniting a civil war in Khazrim. The Republic of Khazrim and the Bahari Rebellion are at eachothers' throats,
fighting against and for slavery respectively.

Racial Abilities
Desert Hide
Increases base health 10%.

Sand Runner
Move speed increased by 50% while in Ahnet.

Slaver's Pact
Reputation with Dervia starts at 1000.