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The humans of Lyrendor are an ancient race of God-fearing men and women that live to serve Aman. Throughout history they have constantly found themselves at the heart of nearly every conflict - the pict, the orcs, the undead. It has certainly not been easy for the humans. What defines them, however, is their determination, their friendliness, and their zeal. The last king of men outlawed the raising of white flags of any kind - even the idea of forfeit was offensive to mankind. 

The Order
The friendliness of mankind led them to the formation of The Order of the Allied Factions of Lyrendor, later knows simply as The Order. For centuries mankind conquered Lyrendor, and marginalized enemy races, such as the orcs and the pict, and the goblins. When the orcish war began, the humans' kingdom fell to the great dragon that the orcs had captured. Scattered and filled with a desire for revenge, the broken human nation rebuilt in the Wetlands to the North. They formed the Order, accepting the Aquanian people into their ranks. In time, the Dark Elves fled to Lyrendor, and the Order recruited them also. With the three factions aligned, The Order had the power to push the orcs back from the human homeland. The Orcish Crusade began, and The Order annihilated the orcish armies, retaking their capital, Coldharbour, which became The Order's new base of operations. Some time after that, the Dwarves arrived in Lyrendor, and joined The Order, bringing great numbers. With their new power, the Order took back the Upper Farmlands, referred to as The Loch, pushing the orcs back to the fiery Dragonlands above, where most of them became food for the great beasts. Soon after the crusade, the Wood Elves sailed down from Angerohn, fleeing from the Corpse Plague which had enveloped the North Lands, adding their numbers to The Order. In a diplomatic mission to Dervia, the human king Anthrius came across Maugrin the Young, who expressed his interest in moving his people to Lyrendor to escape the Bahari Rebellion in Khazrim. Anthrius assured him that he and his people would be safe in Coldharbour, as long as they promised to fight for The Order when the time came.

Racial Abilities
Increases money gained from jobs by 10%.

Reputation gained increased by 10%.

Wisdom EXP gained increased by 10%.