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The Angish dwarves of ancient times lived in settlements carved into the very mountains and glaciers of the frostbitten North lands. They had a love for mortal things: Family, friends and food. The Angish dwarves were master smiths, their people had a great knowledge of metalworking. Many old stories shared by the Angish spoke of long-since-banished undead creatures, said to have once roamed the Northlands in masses. An old dwarven legend named Clanlord Bolomar Heragore is fabled to have led the charge against these spawns of hell, freeing the dwarven people and giving them control over the Northlands in their entirety. The Angish dwarves flourished among the mountains and established a multitude of clans in the years that followed. 

Clan Wursteig was based in a mountaintop fortress. Their purpose was to watch over the Northlands, and defend the valley from the stone troll raiders. 
Clan Helvford claimed the riverlands of Angerohn as its own. Its people were a simple group of farmers that bred bears as pets and mounts alike.
The Stormcrows were a clan that laid their claim within a huge glacier on Angerohn. They were convinced that the undead threat was still very prominent, and tasked themselves with defending the Ice Gate where they believed the dead would return through. Their people breed snow wolves, trained expertly in battle.
Clan Nirofgarr went deep beneath the ground to further the study of minerals and forging. They built a civilization beneath the earth and pursued expert smithing as well as, in time, archaeology and history. The Niroggarr clan people carved a great city under Angerohn, but it fell victim to attacks from huge cave spiders. Eventually, the spider menace became a real assault, and the city was overrun by huge spiders. All of the Nirofgarr dwarves who hadn't already left the city were wiped out. Today, the city is absolutely covered in webs, and the spiders still use the city their home. Tunnels all around the world connect through the Nirofgarr cavern, and if they can brave the spiders, many adventurers find the cavern a useful means of travel.

When the plague re-surfaced in their ancestral homeland of Angerohn, the dwarves were the first to evacuate. Motivated by their deep disdain for the undead, the dwarves set sail for Lyrendor as to ensure not a single soul of their kin was risen as a mindless servant of the death god. The Stormcrows, however, remained behind to defend their homeland. Nothing has been heard of them since, and all contact with Angerohn in general has been cut off. The worst is feared. The survivors of the Nirofgarr clan were unaware of the plague's re-emergence until they came to the surface, and by that time it was too late. They had missed the fleet that the other clans had taken to Lyrendor. In an effort to save themselves, the Nirofgarr survivors set sail on a ship of their own. As they approached the boat, they were being chased by undead. As they ran, their people were falling to that massing force of Slaugh's minions behind them. Eventually some of them managed to get onto the ship, but they appeared to have been infected. A few days into their journey, the survivors began to get violently ill. Soon enough, the Corpse Plague had taken over. The survivors became undead, and the entire boat reeked with the stench of disease. The ship swerved off-course, having no pilot, and crashed on the shore of Ahnet. The plagued hull washed onto the sands of the Great Desert, where the war between the Stygians and the Skrethi Empire once took place. The Corpse Plague seeped into the sand, and animated the bones of all the fallen from the war. Thousands of skeletal warriors rose from the sand, and heard the call of Slaugh. The Nirofgarr dwarves who spread the plague to Ahnet were risen under Slaugh's command also, becoming powerful generals of his army. Their Clanlord, Forgemaster Breighlyn, had his soul taken and stored in an urn in the sand. Over the years trapped inside the urn, Breighlyn's soul formed a body of its own, from the corpses that laid buried beneath it, and the dark magic that had trapped it in the first place. A century later, Breighlyn's soul had successfully created a body, and became the first Lich of Slaugh, the most powerful users of dark magic the world would ever see. When Slaugh saw the power his new pawn possessed, he knew he had to create more. Slaugh began work creating more Liches to act as his hands, commanding his armies of the dead on the field. Breighlyn and his men had become the very things their people had battled against for generations. The undead had returned, and they were stronger than ever.

Racial Abilities
Helvford - Culinary Appreciation
Energy gained from food is increased by 15%. 

Wursteig - Brewmastery
Drinking beer heals for 20% maximum health when out of combat.

Nirofgarr - Forgemaster's Technique
Forging skill gains are increased by 10%.

Stormcrow - Work Ethic
Able to get tasks from Enlistment Officer Lorya every 3 hours (down from 6).