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Dark Elf

Thousands of years ago, the Dark Elves dominated the woods and grasslands of Ahnet with vast settlements that spanned the continent. Like many
 Elven species, they were reclusive. The Dark Elves focused almost solely on studying shadow magic, having little contact with the outside world. In time, however, they would discover the dangers that the dark arts harbor. Toying with demons led the Elves down a path of destruction. Many of the demons they had enslaved broke free, and rallied together to overthrow the Dark Elves. Soon enough, the demons had enslaved them. In secret, a council of Dark Elf warlocks worked on a spell that would free their people from the demons. The spell cloaked all of the Dark Elven people with a magical mist, making them invisible to the demons that had enslaved them, but it would not last longer than a single hour. The cloaked slaved slipped away from their masters and gathered on a fleet of demonic ships that they had been forced to build for their masters. The Dark Elves sailed for months before landing on the Western shores of Lyrendor. A Wood Elven scout reported the sight of their landing to the Lioness, who rode with a party of guards to meet them herself. Emperor Robeth of the Dark Elves swore his allegiance to the Order, and from that point on, the Dark Elves lived among the Shadow Ilse of Eastern Lyrendor, lending aid to their brethren in the order wherever and whenever necessary. 
Over time, the Dark Elves began to experiment with dark magics once again, but they set clear boundaries for themselves as to ensure history would never repeat itself. 

Racial Abilities
Blessing of the Dark Eye
Killing an enemy player has a chance to give you Arcane Crystals.
Thieving skill gains are increased by 10%.

Demonsand Curse
Mana quickly decays out of combat, but regenerates very quickly in combat.