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The Aquanian people lived within the sea for many generations. An ancient artifact called the Pearl of the Seas gave the Aquanians the ability to breathe 
under-water and take on the form of a fish. A greed-driven human diver came across the Aquanian sea palace and tried to take the giant pearl for himself. In the act, he damaged the timeless artifact. Irrepairable, the damaged pearl inflicted a curse onto the Aquanians. The curse left them unable to breathe beneath the waves any longer, but they retained their affinity for water - for this reason, the Aquanians relocated to the Wetlands, trying to make the most of their new situation, placing themselves among both the land and the water. The curse was not all bad, however. Their permanently cursed state left the Aquanians more resistant to further curses and diseases, making them a frightening foe for the undead.
When the Order's crusade led them North into the swamp, eventually reaching Menethil, they stumbled across the cursed Aquanian refugees

Racial Abilities
Gift of the Pearl
When in water, Aquanians take on the form of a fish to increase their swimming speed. 
Additionally, they will not lose energy when swimming.

Biological Tenacity
Diseases and curses wear off over time.