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Tomb of House Darole (Open-World)

The Tomb of Lagos is an open-world dungeon located beneath the City of Coldharbour. Centuries ago, the underground penitentiary was used as a means to lock away criminals. An old general of the human army, known as Sir Darole, was accused by the king of treason in the form of Witchcraft, and locked away in the dungeon. His son, Lagos, started a riot in the city streets, claiming that his father would never turn on his king. One night, Lagos descended into the prison in an attempt to see his father. When he did, he saw the claims were true. His father was a mere husk of his former self, covered in the stench of blood magic. Sir Darole had but one wish - for his son to take up the craft, and keep shadow magic alive. Through love for his father, Lagos did just as he was asked. Lagos became a powerful necromancer, and raised the corpses of the dead criminals to serve him. Eventually, the Coldharbour guards were left with no option but to seal off the prison, trapping the undead inside. Lagos tapped into the mind of his brother, Kathos, calling him to the old prison. Kathos obeyed, and entered the place now called the Tomb of House Darole. Lagos killed his own brother, and raised him as undead, knighting him the 'Dark Horseman of Darole'. Some say that Lagos' father left a detailed book of Blood Magics somewhere in the Tomb. 

Now, in hearing rumours that the Corpse Plague has returned to Angerohn, the Northlands, King Anthrius fears that Lagos has the potential to become a Lich of Slaugh. If that were to happen, Coldharbour would surely fall. Lagos must die!

Boss Encounters
Kathos Darole
Lagos' brother does not have much of a tale. He blindly serves his brother in undeath, and carries out his dark will whenever asked.

Warden Yorde
Warden Yorde was a prison warden before Lagos took over the tomb. He was charged with watching over Lagos' father. In a fury, Lagos strangled him to death, and later raised him into undeath. The ritual was performed when Lagos' powers were unrefined, however, and Yorde was somehow able to retain his consciousness and values from life, but his will was completely bound to Lagos. Yorde has been known to cry and scream whenever Lagos commands him to do something that goes against his morals. Yorde wields a deadly weapon, and will summon Explosive Ghouls in combat. The ghouls will explode after a few seconds, dealing huge damage. If a player right clicks a ghoul before it explodes however, they will be fully healed, and will gain strength, stacking up to 10 times. Due to Yorde's extreme damage, timing the heal properly is crucial to defeating Yorde.

Lagos Darole
Lagos sits high in the Tomb, a level above Warden Yorde, refining his father's art. After fighting through a mass of undead guardians, Lagos will be found kneeling in his chambers. In combat, Lagos will summon skeletons, and bind them to objects. Destroying the objects will strip the skeletons of their life force, and causing them to dissipate. On top of this, Lagos has almost perfected his magics, and the power he possesses may be difficult to combat. It is advised to bring a large group of comrades to tackle this foe.