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The Shadow Throne

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The Shadow Throne is a small single boss dungeon existing in the Shadowlands. The old human king, Mrondir, locked himself within the Shadow Throne when he realised he was turning mad. Constantly he was plagued by nightmares and dark thoughts regarding the Corpse Plague and the return of the undead. He saw himself as a danger to his own people, and he simply could not let himself rule any longer. Mrondir's dark dreams revealed themselves not long after his wife's death, which he never really recovered from.

Today, with the Corpse Plague's imminent return, the people of Terroth want to seek out Mrondir, as some believe his insanity may have in fact been prophecy. Those who brave the Shadow Throne, however, will quickly learn how powerful madness can be.

Boss Encounters
Mrondir the Mad [Not Finished]
Driven mad by nightmares, the old king Mrondir is not in control of his actions. 
At the start of the encounter, you will notice Mrondir's Nightmares at the back of the boss room. If you move too far from them they will pull you back in, but if you stand too close they will be able to attack you. 
Mrondir will summon ghoul visions that will apply Corpse Plague to anyone near them when they expire. He will also become feared intermittently, and he will fear random players.
Below 85% HP, Mrondir will order his nightmares to randomly hook the nearest player.
When Mrondir falls below 30% HP he will enter Ghoul Form, increasing his damage by a large amount and causing him to constantly leap to random players in the room.