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The Goblin City

The Goblin City is the base of operations for all the Goblins in Lyrendor. While these little thieves don't pose a serious threat to The Order, their constant mischief and tendancy to steal is quite a menace. Three entrances to the Goblin City exist - one in the hills Southeast of Thelsamar, one in the ruined excavation across the lake from Thelsamar, and one in the Grizzly Wildlands, in the husk of a fallen tree. 

The goblins were once a number of scattered tribes, but a fallen mage known now as Edronos the Green united them. Now, they guard their city fiercely. At the city's heart you will find Edronos - slaying him will scatter the savage goblin tribes.

Boss Encounters
Great Shaman M
Deep in the goblin city, not far from the spider pens, is a great shaman oracle whose power is unmatched in the goblin's community. Edronos appointed him as a chieftain within the goblin hierarchy. He uses powerful totems to combat his foes. When fighting him, you may notice an unusual totem at certain intervals. Casting a spell on the great shaman while this totem is active will cause said totem to cast an identical spell back on you. This can be deadly, so destroying these totems is vital.

Edronos the Green
Edronos, otherwise known as The Goblin King, commands the goblin clans from his seat within their city. His foul, corrupt magics have given him the ability to accelerate the goblin spawning pits, producing huge volumes of the creatures for his purposes. While he is a very powerful mage, he certainly has his weaknesses. Edronos must die!
While he has a few gear drops, Edronos' most notable drop is the Goblin Slave contract. You can use this item to summon a goblin slave at your base, or wherever you desire. The slave will slowly collect resources of your choosing (stone or wood).