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Temple of the Djinn

Zekhara, the Temple of the Djinn, is the Stygian peoples' place of worship. In recent times, the Skrethi have begun encroaching on this temple and their emperor is hidden in one of the upper domes.

Boss Encounters
Grand Templar Grimskar
Diunjesh leads the front-line troops of the Skrethi Empire against Slaver's Wall. Diunjesh will intermittently charge to random party members during the fight. Additionally, he has a rage bar which will increase gradually. The more players in the encounter move (minus the one who Diunjesh is targeted on), the more rage he will gain. If Diunjesh's rage bar fills, he will enter a frenzy mode and essentially wipe out the group. Diunjesh will use [Mangling Slash] constantly on his primary target, increasing bleed damage they take. The boss will also use a dodge-able Rend ability, which will stack each time it hits the player. It is vital to avoid these Rend attacks.

Arathoc the Divine [Secret]
The Skrethi Emperor Arathoc is hiding somewhere within the temple grounds. Stygian scouts say they have seen some drones carrying stolen goods up the side-walls of The Reservoir and into a temple-dome above. They believe Arathoc is in there. 

Arathoc's magical portal runes allow him to quickly transport Skrethi soldiers to and from Slaver's Wastes. He is using them to endlessly supply troops for the war on the Khazi, with the intention to overthrow Khazrim. 

There are a number of Searing Crystals in Arathoc's chamber which are used, at full power, to incinerate lower lifeforms. In their weak state, perhaps you could use them to your advantage. It is very rare that Arathoc himself will engage in combat. Generally he will use his imperial soldiers to fight for him, and will support them with his twisted holy magics.

Yazuren Jalar, True Emperor of Styiga
Yazuren Jalar is the emperor of Stygia. The two princes who bicker over the throne in the Stygian Province are his sons. While he is generally a peaceful man, his mind is set on summoning the three greater Djinns and conquering all of Ahnet, and some day Terroth, with their power. Emperor Jalar will give his own life to protect the Djinns. 

Shai'Ghol, Djinn of Ruin
Te'Kosh is a powerful Sand Mage of the Skrethi Empire, charged with defending the hive and carrying out Arathoc's will. He is skilled in life-stealing and healing magic, as well as manipulation of the elements and living beings. During the encounter, Te'Kosh will cast [Siphon Life] on random players, draining health from them over time. There is a 20% chance for any cast of [Siphon Life] to be replaced with a [Prayer of Healing]. Additionally, dust clouds will appear on the ground under all players at certain intervals - after a few seconds, anybody still standing in a dust cloud will suffer an additional damage-over-time effect. Occasionally, Te'Kosh will spawn a scorpion which will instantly casing a huge insect swarm around it, dealing constant damage to all players. This effect will end when the scorpion dies, or after 15 seconds. Te'Kosh will also create patches of rumbling earth at times, which (after a few seconds) will turn into sand cyclones, moving around randomly and killing the first player they touch. More cyclones will spawn for the health that Te'Kosh is missing.
Te'Kosh drops a spider-style yellow robe transmogrification piece.