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Random World Events

In Tales of Terroth, random events can occur at time intervals. 

How does the system work?
Every 10 minutes, there is a 50% chance for an event to occur. If one does occur, an event will be selected from a list of over 25 (ever increasing). Then, a location will be selected from that specific event's location list (over 60 locations) and the event will be spawned at that location. All players on the server will be notified of the event and where it has occurred.

What are the events?
Here are a few examples of random events as listing all of them would spoil the fun:
  • Earthquakes that cause screen shake for every player on the continent that it occurs on. Additionally, huge rocks will protrude from the ground at the impact site for 15 minutes, and a number of ores will spawn around the rocks.
  • Town Raids where a group of npcs (orcs, bandits or goblins, etc) will spawn in a town with a leader. The leader acts as a mini-boss and is rewarding to kill.
  • Boss Spawns where a boss or epic creature will either spawn in the wild or attack a town. More great rewards for those involved in taking down the boss.
  • Rare Merchants can spawn almost anywhere, providing goods otherwise not available.
  • Treasure Drops can occur that spawn a number of chests in a specific location. (World PvP anyone?)
  • Dance Parties can occur, spawning tipsy partygoers and some fun things as well as plenty of items to steal.
  • Mana Eruptions that spawn a number of Ancient Runes and Essences of Knowledge at a location.
  • Animal Herd 'Spottings' where a large group of a specific animal will spawn at a location (stags, wolves, bears, etc)
  • Plus many, many more with constant additions

How long do the events last for?
Events generally last for 15 minutes.

Is there any way to manually trigger an event?
Yes. Players can obtain an item called Orb of Fate which will trigger a random World Event instantly.