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Guild Bases

In Tales, Guild Masters can purchase a [Claim Banner] from a Guild Vendor in the capital. This banner can be placed down somewhere, marking the Guild's territory. Guild members can turn in resources to the banner for guild power. The placed banner can be destroyed by rival guilds.

Officers and Guild Masters can place purchase NPC contracts (E.g. Engineer, Portal Master, Shopkeeper, Troop Master, Healer, Guard, etc) and then place the NPCs inside their claim. These NPCs provide a number of different functions from building vehicles to selling goods. Additionally, Blueprints can be used to create destructible buildings.

List of Guild NPCs
  • Guild Guard
  • Guild Mage
  • Guild Priest
  • War Master
  • Siege Engineer
  • Arcanotechnician
  • Portal Master
  • Healer
  • Shopkeeper

List of Buildings:
  • House
  • Tower
  • Wall
  • Blacksmith