First 100 accounts created will be granted the 'Centurion's Satchel' item containing some helpful goods and cosmetic items to get you started in Tales of Terroth!

Step 1
If you haven't registered a Tales of Terroth account yet, hit register on the navigation bar above. If you have - thanks for registering!

Step 2
Firstly, you need to have a [World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a] client. You can get this from the old discs or some online sources. 
If your client doesn't already have the Custom Item Display Addon, you can get it from here:
Unzip the file, then copy the 'WGID' folder into 'WotLK/Interface/Addons', where 'WotLK' is the installation directory for your client. This addon lets you see custom items with proper displayIDs. It is not essential but it is highly recommended.

Step 3
Navigate to the installation directory for your WotLK client (E.g. C:/WotLK). Inside that folder you should see a folder called 'Data'. Then, inside Data, you should see a folder called enUS or enGB depending on your installation. Enter that folder and open the file called '' with notepad. Set the contents of the file to 'set realmlist' (without the apostrophes). Save and close it.

Step 4
Go back to your WotLK directory and open WoW.exe
Login with your Tales of Terroth account, and you're ready to play!

Step 5 (Optional!)
Recommended addons:

If you are interested in using HD models from later expansions, you can download some patches that will allow you to do this. All credit for these patches go to the original creators mentioned in the posts linked.

Updated creature models: Important: Do NOT download the first file from this source. It will cause your game to crash whenever you encounter a goblin player.

Updated water shaders can also be found in the comments of the previous post,

To install all of the patches, copy them into the 'data' folder mentioned previously. Enjoy!