Astral Legends

Astral Legends (Star Signs)

There are a number of Astral Legends that all the people of Terroth acknowledge. When a creature is born, one of the legends will gift that creature with its sign. Regardless of religion or culture, all things will be given an astral sign. The sign will dictate the traits of that creature. Here are the four standard signs, each with their traits below them:
  • The Playful Dragon
    • Fun Loving
    • High Spirited
    • Lucky
    • In Game: +10% Increased Loot Bag Drop Chance
  • The Ancient King
    • Excellent Leader
    • Diplomatic
    • Charming
    • In Game: Group Members Have 2% Increased Damage
  • The Lonely Hunter
    • Cunning, Quick-Witted
    • Dedicated
    • Self Reliant
    • In Game: +25% Increased Base Movement Speed
  • The Wise Old Bear
    • Intelligent
    • Resilient
    • Cautious
    • In Game: Maximum Mana & Energy Increased By 10%
Some Legends, however, have given themselves only to certain cultures and factions of the world. 
An example of this is the Prideful Stallion. The Stallion only gives its sign to those of Stygian origin, as they worship the legend like a god. 
  • The Prideful Stallion
    • Patriotic
    • Excellent craftsmanship
    • Social
    • Traditional
    • Community Reliant
The final Legend is the Furious Hog. This legend was once called the Willful Boar. Ancient stories tell of a zealous orc named Haurok who was jealous of the relationship the humans had with the Astral Legends. While the orcs in that time were granted signs, the Legends would never talk to them, as they essentially did not approve of the orcish motives. One fateful night, when the stars were brightest, Haurok lept into the stars, and slung enormous cast iron chains around the Willful Boar's starry hooves. The chained the beast up, and tore it from the heavens. The Willful Boar's physical body was trapped deep underground in the cave systems beneath the Orcish Badlands. Haurok went on to become known as the Star Warden, and the Willful Boar's legendary will was eventually broken - the beast deteriorated into ferocity. Soon, the permanently enraged Legend became known as the Furious Hog. The other Legends abandoned the Orcs, and from that point forward, Orcs were only able to bear the sign of the Furious Hog.
  • The Furious Hog
    • Strength
    • Impulsiveness
    • Bloodthirsty
    • Insatiable Desire for Revenge
    • Aggression